ICIAP 2013 Best Paper Awards

The Award Committee: Gunilla Borgefors (EiC Pattern Recognition Letters), Alfredo Petrosino (ICIAP 2013 General Chair), Gabriella Sanniti di Baja (EiC Pattern Recognition Letters), Ching Suen (EiC Pattern Recognition), and Ramin Zabih (IEEE TC-PAMI Chair) decided to assign the following awards

  • IAPR Best Paper Award
    • "Structured Multi-Class Feature Selection for Effective Face Recognition Tree" Giovanni Fusco, Luca Zini, Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone
  • IAPR Best Student Paper Award
    • "An Efficient Indexing Scheme Based on Linked-Node m-ary Tree" The-Anh Pham, Sabine Barrat, Mathieu Delalandre, Jean-Yves Ramel
  • Caianiello Best Young Scientist Paper Awards (ex-aequo)
    • "Average Common Submatrix: a New Image Distance Measure" Alessia Amelio, Clara Pizzuti
    • "Kernels for Visual Words Histograms" Radu Tudor Ionescu, Marius Popescu

ICIAP 2013 Awards Rules

Prof. Eduardo CaianielloEligibility for the awards is restricted to papers authored or co-authored by at least one young researcher (PhD student, Post Doc, or similar positions) and accepted for presentation at the conference (either as oral communication or as poster).

All senior researchers, co-authors of papers to be considered for the award, must provide a written statement stressing the importance of the contribution given by their young co-author(s). Papers previously published, invited papers and papers having as co-authors any of the current ICIAP organizers are ineligible for the Best paper awards:

- IAPR sponsored award

Caianiello award

The ICIAP2013 General Chair will set up an ad hoc committee for the ICIAP Paper Awards, consisting of at least 3 experts. The committee will receive up to 10 eligible papers, which received the highest ratings in the ICIAP peer reviewing process. To select the winners, the committee will take into account mainly the originality of the paper and the relevance of the treated subject.

The awards consist in a plaque, a cash prize and a free subscription to GIRPR- IAPR for one biennium. If the winning paper has two or more young co-authors, the cash prize will be shared out among them. The awards will be conferred during the conference Gala Dinner.
The name of the winners will be published in the GIRPR Newsletter and in the GIRPR webpage.

Also, Best Papers awarded at ICIAP 2013 for young authors, after extensions and further revisions, will be published in a special section of Pattern Recognition Letters by Elsevier.